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Every six years, Etterbeek residents go to the polls to elect the representatives of the next municipal Council, the equivalent of a local ‘Parliament’.

    • The municipality of Etterbeek is a democratic public body.
    • Decisions are taken by the municipality Council and the municipality College (daily 700 management).
    • Although the right to vote is not granted automatically, is limited to certain elections and requires prior registration, the actual voting procedure is extremely fast and simple.
    • All members of the Council are directly elected by universal suffrage every 6 years. The municipality College is composed of members of the Council who together form a political majority that governs the municipality.
    • Residence permits, planning permissions, public works, parks and playgrounds, schooling, police and security, cleanliness, mobility, sports, culture and leisure are just some of the matters which have a direct impact on your daily life and are decided by your commune, often in collaboration with the Brussels Region.
    • You can also play a key role in the future of your commune by taking part in the local elections.
Who can vote?

All residents who have the nationality of a European Union member state and who:

  • Are registered in the population or foreigners register on 1 August 2018 or hold a special identity card;
  • Are at least 18 years old on 14 October 2018;
  • Complete and submit the voter form for the elections before 31 July 2018.

Non-EU citizens also have the right to vote if they have lived in Belgium for 5 years or more (more info).

How to register?
  • Download the voter form or pick up the form at the commune;
  • Complete and sign the form;
  • Send it with a copy of your ID by ordinary mail to the commune or drop it off there no later than 31 July 2018. At some conditions, emails can also be accepted;
  • Your registration will be confirmed by post – You receive a voting notice more or less 15 days before the elections;
  • You don’t have to register if you have already voted in previous local elections.

Be careful, after your registration on the electoral roll has been approved, you are legally bound to vote in the next elections. However, you do have the right to deregister, in the commune of your principal residence.

How to vote?

Voting is a basic right and the procedure is extremely fast and simple.

  • Provided that you are registered as a voter (see above), you will receive a personal notice through the post mentioning the address of your polling station a few weeks before the elections. If you don’t receive it, contact the population service in your commune;
  • On election day, 14 October 2018, take the notice and your identity card with you when you vote.
Where to vote?
  • You receive a convocation 15 days before the elections with the address of the polling place;
  • Taking part in local elections in Belgium has, in principle, no effect on your right to vote in elections in your own country.


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